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For Square Enix, Video Collaboration is a Game Changer

Hundreds of millions of video game fans already know and love Square Enix, developer and publisher of the renowned role-playing game series Final Fantasy and Dragon Quest. With operations around the world, Square Enix plays its own pivotal role in the digital entertainment industry with an array of social, online, and arcade games, along with a publishing arm that churns out comic books, strategy guides, and licensing materials.

When it comes to bringing hit game titles to market, Square Enix has discovered a new kind of hero: Polycom video collaboration.

The ability for employees to work face-to-face with colleagues, partners, and service providers is proving a game changer at Square Enix, which is facing rapid growth worldwide. With its enterprise-class video collaboration environment, the company has significantly reduced the time and expense once lost to business travel. A meeting between developers in Tokyo and London once required a week away from the office, but today it's as easy as dialing an extension.

Changing the Way People Work

More than saving time and money, however, the company is dramatically streamlining workflows. "We wanted to reap the benefits of real-time communication," says Daishiro Okada, general manager of the general affairs division. "Even simple functions, such as sharing and viewing documents at the same time or being able to meet face-to-face, really changed the way we could work."

Staffers in the quality control and product development divisions have used video to simplify many of their most time-consuming business processes, such as managing external service agencies and liaising with game platform providers – responsibilities that are "a daily part of life for many of our departments," says Katsuji Kotani, chief of office services and facilities within the Square Enix general affairs division. "These meetings require much precision and constant engagement by all participants."

Though the company previously had dabbled with a web-based video conferencing application, quality and reliability problems prompted executives to seek out an enterprise-class solution offering high-definition audio and video which lets participants share high-definition content as well. These capabilities have driven adoption of video down from the executive suite to all levels of the company that benefit from using video to accelerate decisions and results.

For example, legal and intellectual property personnel engage with multiple parties for real-time proofreading of documents, while human resources executives remotely interview overseas candidates and conduct risk training for employees taking international assignments.

Leveling Up to Unified Communications

Video collaboration plays such a central role in the company's work culture that it was a key factor in the 2013 global product launch of Final Fantasy XIV. Now Square Enix is mapping out its next move – integrating Polycom video with its Microsoft Lync platform to create a unified communications environment available to virtually everyone in the company.

The idea, says Okada, is to defy distance all day, every day: "We would like to create a virtual social environment which allows employees to work side-by-side no matter where they are located, by keeping remote sites connected throughout the workday."

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