NEO Centre Consulting Group

At a Glance

  • Delivered streamlined communications
  • Enabled employee communication
  • Increased operational efficiencies
  • Improved responsiveness to customers & partners


Consulting group assists Russian business, banks, real estate and stock brokers with newly expanded video communication ability.

Leading Russian business advisory and consultant group assists wide range of value market industries through increased efficiency with HD Voice using Microsoft Lync and Polycom IP phones.


The NEO Centre is a Russian Consulting Group working with insurance companies and brokers, to carry out projects determining the value of a property, insurance standards (market value, the cost of recovery) and the amount of damage. The NEO Centre cooperates with leading Russian and foreign banks, acting as principal advisor to determine the market value of collateral, and to effectively resolve problem debts. The NEO Centre also advises parties on the transaction of stock prices, real estate and equipment, including carrying out projects to assess a business in preparation for organisational restructuring. The NEO Centre draws on profound experience, superior professionalism and uses the most innovative business solutions to serve its customers, making it one of the leading advisory and consulting groups in Russia.

An Innovative, Fast Growing Company

The NEO Centre is a young company, created in 1997, growing at a fast and steady pace. Today there are five offices in Russia, and some 400 professionals employed.

In early 2011 the decision was made to relocate the Moscow headquarters to a more spacious office and questions arose about how to provide the best, most innovative communication solutions to the employees. The analog telephone system in the existing office did not allow the necessary advanced features they wanted to deliver, such as audio-video conferencing and document collaboration.

To help them with their research and decision, Alexander Myakushev, CIO of NEO Centre turned to Coral Telecom. As part of NK Group of companies and a Polycom® authorised reseller, Coral Telecom is a local provider that covers the full range of communications needs, along with offering expertise in delivering robust, flexible solutions with extensive investment scalability. As Myakushev explained his requirements to Coral, he identified their three main criteria of selection: functional flexibility, ease of use and high quality. Myakushev wanted to improve everyday communications for his team, and needed a highly secure and reliable system with a low cost of ownership.

Building a Pilot is Key

Coral recommended building a pilot to demonstrate and test the capabilities, the functional flexibility, ease of use and quality. The pilot stage was a resounding success, and Myakushev and his team were impressed with the capabilities, and potential of the project the Microsoft and Polycom solution provided an effective and personalised collaboration experience that would change the way the workforce would interact with co-workers, customers and partners. Polycom CX600, CX500 and CX300 systems where installed on the desktops, and CX3000 in the conference rooms to further optimise the Lync environment so as to utilise purpose-built voice and video collaboration solutions.

Choice and Full Deployment

“The pilot demonstrated the impact on the way we operate and exchange with one another. We could forsee benefits of reduced costs, and a boost in productivity” reports Myakushev of the NEO Centre “Coral was able to provide a solution that exceeded our expectations.” Today the productivity of the team has improved. Rich presence information helps employees find each other, and choose the most effective way to communicate at any given time. Through enhanced conferencing with both desktop and Polycom CX phones, workers can experience real time collaboration with a simple mouse click.

Impressed and Satisfied Workforce

Once the solution was deployed in the new office and provided to all employees, the true evaluation began. As the workforce started using new solution it was clear that it delivered enhanced topology, deployement and management tools. The Polycom IP Phone has an excellent sound quality and noise reduction which is unique, and appreciated by users. Myakushev shares “Our users were blown away by the sound quality of their new Polycom phone. The extremely clear sound, makes each audio conference easier.” The users benefit from the large colour display to view call and directory information and provide full convenient access to the advanced presence-enabled features of Microsoft Lync. The solution allows co-workers to quickly communicate with each other regardless of their location. The simple and reliable means of instant messaging, file transfer, and voice and video collaboration are bringing the employees into a new dimension and truly boosting productivity. The feedback from the workforce has been extremely positive.

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