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  • Cut costs through increased productivity
  • Improved audio quality made conversations easier
  • Increased inter-office collaboration
  • Easy to use, one platform communication
  • Delivered secure quality broadcast content

Media content delivery services developer boosts productivity and cuts costs with Microsoft®-optimized Polycom solution

Media software solution developer, NDS, boosts productivity and cuts costs for its content delivery services for faster, cleaner and secure television content with Microsoft®-optimised Polycom solution.


Founded in 1989, NDS Group Ltd. provide the security, enabling technologies, and interactive applications that give TV platform operators, content owners and broadcast channels the ability to deliver the best content, generating revenues while reducing churn—the keys to success in today’s TV industry. With 26 offices around the world and more than 5,000 employees who must work together across great distances, communication is vital to the company’s success.

The old time-consuming and costly system

As its primary voice solution, NDS relied on private-branch exchange (PBX) systems deployed in its offices around the world. Employees, especially those who travelled, also relied on their mobile phones to connect with the office or customers. “This was time consuming, and costly,” reported NDS IT Director, Martin Smale. “So we decided to look for a much more robust platform capable of integrating all our communications requirements with our Microsoft applications.” Smale explained the company had previously deployed an alternate conferencing solution: “We recently decided to upgrade this to Microsoft Office Communications Server 2007 R2 to provide presence, instant messaging, desktop sharing, and enterprise voice capabilities for our employees.”

More communications capabilities

However, the company wanted to upgrade further to a solution providing more communications capabilities, including an enterprise voice solution making it easy for people who travel to connect to the office and to provide voice at smaller branch offices in a cost-effective way. “We wanted added audio conferencing capabilities such as the ability to announce when participants joined a conference and to be able to join quickly and easily with a single click,” Smale continued. Smale believed Office Communications Server was a step in the right direction, but gaps still existed and needed filling.

Microsoft-optimised Polycom® telephony

As a result, NDS chose to upgrade to Microsoft® Lync™ Server 2010. Lync Server provides improved presence, instant messaging, robust conferencing and enterprise voice functionality. It also delivered an enhanced topology, deployment, and management tools. “We knew Microsoft Lync Server 2010 would provide the enterprise voice and ad hoc collaboration and online meeting capabilities we were looking for,” Smale said. “The obvious benefits would be to reduce costs and boost employee productivity.”

For NDS users, Smale evaluated IP voice hardware to replace traditional desk phones. He chose the Polycom CX600 IP phones and a Polycom CX3000 IP conference phone for trialing with Lync. As the only conference phone optimised for Microsoft Lync Server 2010, the CX3000 offers Polycom HD Voice™ technology for crystal-clear interactive conversations, a four metre microphone pickup range and a large colour display for easy access to call, directory and presence information.

“The Polycom conference phone offers the directory search, presence information and extended conferencing capabilities we wanted,” Smale confirmed.

The fully-featured Polycom CX600 IP phone is likewise optimised for Microsoft Lync Server 2010 and also provides directory search and presence information functionality. Furthermore, this USB, driverless plug-and-play unit delivers high quality high definition (HD) audio clarity through its full duplex speakerphone or handset along with a convenient dial pad and two-line monochrome backlit display.

Time-saving and productivity gains

With Lync Server 2010 and the Polycom audio conferencing and desktop IP telephony solutions in place, NDS can enable a more comprehensive communications solution, which addresses its specific requirements for secure audio conferencing, including participant announcement and single-click to join a conference, desktop interoperation between applications and improved communication across the board.

“The biggest benefits with the upgraded Microsoft and Polycom platform are time-saving and productivity gains while reducing costs,” enthused Smale. “Because employees can now access presence, instant messaging and voice capabilities through other Microsoft applications and the company directory, they save valuable time that can be used more productively elsewhere.”

NDS employees no longer have to switch between applications - or between the computer and the phone - to search for a contact and get questions answered or start a conversation.

NDS expects to reduce the cost of daily calls and with ad hoc collaboration and online meeting capabilities widely available across the company, the company could also reduce travel expenses.

“We will decrease costs for daily telephony services in general, but especially for mobile phones,” says Smale. “Instead, people can use Lync to ping each other, and upgrade the conversation to voice to speak to each other.”

Up-scaling the benefits

After a successful trial of the initial deployment of the Polycom CX3000 and CX600 UC devices, NDS plan to introduce the desktop telephony and table top conferencing model to offices worldwide.

“This will mean a substantial up-scaling of benefits including costs and time savings as well as productivity and efficiency improvements,” Smale concluded. “We are extremely pleased with progress so far and users have reported remarkable improvements in their communications capabilities.

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