LOTOS Capital Group

At a Glance

  • Greatly increased productivity through video
  • Kept widely dispersed employee base connected
  • Lowered business travel costs
  • Encouraged a greater employee participation

Major producer and supplier of oil products in Poland speeds crucial business decisions using video communications

Major producer and supplier of oil products in Poland uses video communications to connect its 5000 widely dispersed employees to speed crucial business decisions

LOTOS Capital Group Overview

LOTOS Capital Group consists of production, trade and service companies, operating in the business of exploration, production and processing of hydrocarbons and the distribution of petroleum products (fuels, oils, bitumen, lubricants, paraffins, etc.). The primary business areas for the Group are:

  • Exploration and production of oil and gas, handled by LOTOS Petrobaltic with its subsidiaries
  • Production and sales of petroleum products, handled by the remaining companies from the Capital Group
  • Others, including such companies as: LOTOS Park Technologiczny, LOTOS Ekoenergia.

The mission of the LOTOS Capital Group involves innovative and sustainable growth in the field of exploration, production and processing of hydrocarbons as well as in the field of trading top-quality products in this industry. Activities of the LOTOS Capital Group are socially responsible, environmentally-friendly and compliant with the energy security policy. The Group, through its LOTOS Petrobaltic, is the only Polish company conducting crude oil production activities in the Baltic Sea.

The LOTOS Challenge and the Polycom Solution

LOTOS has offices throughout Poland and abroad. Due to their geographically dispersed location, LOTOS realised early on the benefits of video conferencing and has been using Polycom solutions since 2002. In 2011, in view of the rapid development, LOTOS needed to quickly improve and facilitate communications between each of their locations. With their head quarters in Gdansk, operations spread out in numerous locations, the subsidiaries, the need for secure, dependable and reliable video conference was strong. The objective was for anyone to meet from anywhere at any time. Along with the decision to expand their telepresence solutions, LOTOS wanted to enable each employee to have Microsoft® Lync™ on their desktop PCs, and wanted this to be integrated with the telepresence network. Each employee would be able to join a video room from their PC, from anywhere.

To council LOTOS with their ambitious project, Łukasz Nowakowski, IT Coordinator at LOTOS, turned to the expertise of NextiraOne. NextiraOne is a Polycom certified partner and has the knowhow and experience required to respond to the requirements. Bartosz Zarski, Head of the NextiraOne, Gdynia explains: “Our team is very familiar with the solutions offered by Polycom. We have the training and experience necessary to assist and implement a project as large as this one”.

The Applications and Benefits

Board meetings as well as accounting and controlling team meetings are now done using the Polycom RealPresence platform and each board member while using Microsoft Lync can dial into the conference from their location, where ever they may be. The benefits are the reduction of business travel costs, and as important the time gained by avoiding the travel. The company is able to communicate to employees in an efficient manner; the knowledge sharing is much more organised.

The platform speeds up the decision-making process. In addition, Polycom solutions provide the ability to organise quick consultations, which improves team communication and collaboration. The company was able to create segment management groups, where separate businesses are managed across the Group by a designated member of the Board. Each area of the business are now better managed and controlled with regular scheduled reviews done with the Polycom RealPresence platform. The employees based in remote location are now included in meetings. Tadeusz Rogaczewski confirms “Polycom RealPresence platform enables and makes for more effective face-to-face meetings”.

Selection of a Solution

Many factors entered the decision making process. Setting up the platform on which all the endpoints would connect and interact was the first step. The Polycom RealPresence collaboration server (RMX), the Polycom RealPresence Resource Manager (CMA) and the Polycom Video Border Proxy (VBP) were the base of the project.

The Polycom RMX 1050 platform is particularly useful in large companies. It is a cost-effective way to bring video conferencing to company’s headquarter and its branch offices.

The Polycom platform is predominantly efficient as it is a cost-effective way to bring video conferencing to all users. It is the only multipoint conference platform supporting H.264 High Profile, which delivers high quality video with 50% less bandwidth utilisation. Łukasz Nowakowski explains their choice of the Polycom solutions: “The choice of solutions was dictated by their ease of integration and scalability. At LOTOS, the Polycom RealPresence Resource Manager (CMA 4000) has been implemented to provide video conferencing services, while also managing the entire network. It is integrated with RMX 1500, Microsoft Lync server 2010 and the Alcatel A4400 voice communications network used at LOTOS”.

This platform was optimal as the planned expansion of the network required a solution capable of managing the bandwidth, without requiring extra investments, and it was able to integrate with Microsoft Lync 2010, which was crucial to the success of the project. All locations were equipped with Polycom HDX Telepresence room systems, and most of users desktop with Microsoft Lync. The implementation was completed on schedule. Rogaczewski details the complexity of the project for us: “The implementation was conducted quickly and on schedule. The first stage consisted of implementation of the Polycom RealPresence Collaboration server and Video Border Proxy, and integration with the existing infrastructure. The key part of the implementation project was the integration of video-conferencing bridge and IP solutions with external solutions and e-mail server, and the configuration with PBX”.

Polycom & LOTOS – a Lasting Partnership

In its intensive development plans, the Group appreciates the capacity and flexibility of solutions, which can be easily integrated with other solutions and equipment in the Unified Communications framework (UC). LOTOS today relies on the multifunctional communication tool for all their communication needs. As they grow, they trust and rely on the expertise of NextiraOne, and the vision of Polycom to continue to support them.

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