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  • Savings of $US14,000 in one year
  • Accelerated time-to-market
  • Streamlined business processes
  • Decreased travel costs and staff downtime
  • Enhanced R&D capabilities
  • Cut problem resolution time in half
  • 900 UC-enabled meetings in six months


Gamania Digital Entertainment Connects Polycom RealPresence Video Solutions with Microsoft® Lync™ to Streamline Operations and Accelerate R&D, Saving $US 14,000


Gamania Digital Entertainment Co., Ltd. is a leading brand of PC online games in Taiwan. Originally established in 1996, Gamania has expanded rapidly over the past 16 years from a small business with only 12 employees to an international enterprise with seven offices located across Asia, the US and Europe, and over 1,800 staff worldwide. In addition to producing successful self-developed online games, Gamania is also famous for Lineage - a licensed title from Korea that has helped to make online games popular with a record of more than 200,000 users online at one point in Taiwan in 2010. In recent years, due to its immense success and growth, Gamania has expanded its business scope to include animation and brand products, thereby creating a fully immersive online experience for their players using its digital entertainment platform.

Enhanced Collaboration with Polycom and Microsoft

In the online gaming industry, R&D often involves immense cross-department collaboration across globally dispersed teams. As its product lines continue to expand, Gamania prides itself on both the efficiency and quality of its communications along with operational excellence. In a bid to break through geographic and time limitations for transnational communication, Gamania recently adopted a joint Polycom and Microsoft collaboration solution, deploying the Polycom CX Solutions optimised for Microsoft Lync environments to bring together audio, email, instant messaging, video and mobile communications onto one single platform, helping to speed decision-making and streamline business operations, creating greater efficiencies across the company.

Through the use of an integrated end-to-end communication solution from Polycom and Microsoft, Gamania’s Taiwan headquarters can achieve instant communication and resource sharing amongst the dispersed offices, locally and globally, and at the same time, reducing communication barriers, boosting the efficiency of corporate operations and innovative R&D, maximising return on investment.

Gamania selected the Polycom CX200 and CX300 USB Desktop Phones, CX700 IP phones, and the Polycom CX5000 Unified Conference Station optimised for Lync as well as the Polycom RealPresence Collaboration Server (RMX 2000) multi-point bridge, enabling seamless compatibility and interoperability across all communication elements from IM, to presence, call control, web conferencing, video and voice collaboration, giving employees the freedom to collaborate from their desks, on the road, at home, or in a conference room, easily and simply. Gamania employees get an intuitive interface, a simplified UC experience, and a seamless HD video experience. Users can click on a calendar event to instantaneously join meetings and, with simple conference leader controls, can easily see presence and drag-and-drop participants into the call for more productive and efficient meetings, enjoying a multi-point call experience via Polycom’s RealPresence Collaboration Server, bringing together multiple participants over video simultaneously.

Accelerating R&D to Realise Rapid ROI

At Gamania, the R&D unit has been the most frequent user of UC applications, with development of new online gaming programmes requiring real-time brainstorming and alignment of concepts and ideas through content sharing to stimulate and accelerate innovation. In the past, when the R&D department reported problems including graphic errors and fixes for animation bugs, the staff member could only describe errors shown on screen verbally via long-distance calls, which proved difficult and time consuming in being able to identify and solve the problem efficiently.

"With audio only, our capabilities were limited in being able to articulate the exact nature of the problem occurring, and staff members often spent a much longer time than they needed to in order to solve the problem," explains Sam Juang, director of Gamania’s Corporate Information Technology Division. "Now, with the integrated voice and video environment from Polycom and Microsoft, members of our R&D team can easily join a conference call from their desk with a simple click, without having to switch between applications, bringing in multiple participants at the one time to solve problems instantly and effectively."

The simple and reliable means of instant messaging, file transfer, and voice and video collaboration are bringing the employees into a new dimension and truly boosting productivity.

"This has saved Gamania up to $US14,000 in one year, increased our productivity two-fold by reducing downtime, and has helped to speed operations, enabling us to bring new products to market much quicker," said Juang.

Since replacing their traditional audio communication systems with the Polycom and Microsoft UC applications in 2010, the system has been used in excess of 17,000 times over a 6 month period, with the company conducting over 900 UC-enabled meetings in the second half of 2011. In addition, engineering projects are completed in a much quicker timeframe - in the past, hands on operations of go-live programmes often took one month to complete and required significant business travel; but under the Polycom and Microsoft solution, projects are completed in five days and minimal travel is required.

Next Steps

In line with its vision to become a digital entertainment giant, Gamania is looking to expand its collaboration solution to include mobility solutions, incorporating Polycom RealPresence Mobile into its communication environment to provide a more flexible and efficient workspace to accelerate R&D, stimulate innovations and continue to increase its competitiveness in the online gaming industry.


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“With the integrated Polycom and Microsoft voice and video environment, members of our R&D team can easily join a conference call from their desk with a simple click – without having to switch between applications – bringing in multiple participants at one time to solve problems instantly.”

- Sam Juang
Director of Gamania’s Corporate Information Technology Division