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  • Polycom and Microsoft Lync:
  • Reduces costs by 50%
  • Improves communications


Freudenberg Sealing Technologies Saves 50% in Communications Costs by Upgrading their PBX to Microsoft Lync and Polycom Voice Solutions


Freudenberg Sealing Technologies (FST) is a manufacturing company offering its customers high-quality, custom-engineered products and processes in industries including automotive, mechanical engineering and medical technology. FST is part of the German-based company: Freudenberg Group. FST has nearly 10,000 employees in over 50 locations around the globe, 22 of which are manufacturing facilities across Europe.

Communication and information exchange is critical to all enterprises, and FST aspires to provide its workforce with the latest communications technologies. “We are committed to providing employees with the latest and best technology,” says Steffan Haas, Head of IT infrastructure at FST. “It is our responsibility to deliver the tools which allow them to perform to their highest capacity, in the most cost-effective way for the company.” For the past six years, Haas has worked with Gluck & Kanja, a local Microsoft® and Polycom partner to deliver on that vision.

With the latest upgrade of the traditional PBX system to Microsoft® Lync™Server 2013 and Polycom CX phones, FST is accomplishing both improved performance and reducing communications cost by 50%. The analysis shows the savings from 3 main areas.

  1. As employees are communicating and collaborating simply from their desk, travel has reduced. Long-distance and mobile phone charges have reduced, because employees are now inclined to use their Polycom phone to place calls.
  2. The employees who are travelling are able to communicate using their desktop, rather than their mobile. Haas confirms “ Because using Polycom and Lync is easier and makes every call interactive, it is now a first choice for communication. You just have to click on the names of your collaborators, and engage.”
  3. By placing the Polycom CX3000 and CX5000 in conference rooms, FST has stopped using audio conferencing services.

Step by step

FST first deployed Microsoft Communications Server 2007, and followed by replacing their aging traditional PBX systems with Lync Enterprise Voice and Microsoft Lync Server 2010. FST recently upgraded to Microsoft Lync Server 2013. To complete the enterprise unified communications solution, Haas chose Polycom CX600, a Microsoftoptimised industry-benchmark phone. The Polycom CX phones are built and optimised specifically to be an extension of the Lync environment. Because of their familiar Lync interface and ease-of-use, employees have welcomed the phones, which have become an everyday tool. “The Polycom CX phones are an extension of the Lync environment,” says Haas. “With the on-screen presence status indicators and crystalclear HD voice technology, we maximise productivity, and encourage collaboration.” All partcipants can access video and desktop sharing, which allows them to accomplish more, and makes each meeting more productive. The Polycom CX3000 or the CX5000 placed in the conference rooms allow employees to hold IP conference calls using the Lync Server.

Improved Collaborations

Haas is convinced that the UC&C solutions they have delivered will continue to improve and facilitate communications across the organisation. The ease of use of the solution saves time and everyone is more productive. He concludes “With Microsoft and Polycom we meet our objective of delivering the tools employees need to be most productive from anywhere at anytime, at the lowest cost of ownership and reducing overall communications cost for the company.”

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