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  • Realized return on investment in 18 months
  • 320 percent increase in month-on-month usage
  • Significantly reduced travel expenses
  • Accelerated decision making
  • Enhanced customer service delivery
  • Improved staff morale and satisfaction

Exego Group accelerates productivity through tripling its adaptation of video communications

Exego Group productivity acceleration success directly reflects its ever-expanding use of Polycom video communications.


Exego Group is Australia and New Zealand’s largest reseller and supplier of automotive parts and accessories with a network of over 435 locations and a team of more than 4,000 dedicated staff.

With four business units operating under its umbrella including Ashdown-Ingram, McLeod Accessories, Motospecs and Repco, in addition to a major procurement site in China, instant and effective communication is a vital component of the Exego Group’s business. In 2008, the company began adopting Polycom’s high-definition (HD) telepresence solutions to streamline business processes, enhance collaboration, reduce travel costs and provide an extra avenue to communicate with customers and suppliers.

Flexible Work Culture Drives Rapid Increase in Video Collaboration

Initially deploying Polycom HDX 8000 room telepresence systems within the boardrooms of the company’s four head offices, the systems soon became such a lure that the boardrooms were frequently overbooked.

To ease the pressure and as part of a company-wide initiative to enhance collaboration and productivity, Exego Group deployed additional Polycom HDX 8000 units, Polycom HDX 4000 personal telepresence units and Polycom Converged Management Application (CMA) Desktop video clients for employees ranging from MDs to front-line staff. Now used for everything from executive meetings to training sessions, product demonstrations and customer interviews, the Exego Group experienced significant return on investment (ROI) in just 18 months, expanding from 5 users initially to over 300 users today, equating to a 320 percent increase in month-on-month usage.

“We have a very open and flexible work culture here at Exego and our employees understand the value of video. It is now a vital component of our daily business life,” said Alan Hodgson, Telephony Manager for Exego Group. “As our video conferencing needs grew, we began to look at it not only from a cost perspective, but from a lifestyle one. Instead of having to get up at 4am to catch a 6am plane, you can just pop into the office and video conference. It is a much smarter and more effective way to do business,” he added.

The Exego Group now has “one of everything Polycom has got,” according to Hodgson, and has continued to upgrade and expand its network as and when needed. “As soon as new technology comes in from Polycom, we upgrade our own network. Our purchasing history speaks volumes of our ROI.”

Enhancing Service Efficiency

From a sales perspective, one of the key benefits has been the ability for sales staff to conduct live product demonstrations with suppliers without having to leave the office.

“We can have a staff member in Sydney show products to suppliers in New Zealand, by simply placing it on the table. With high-definition, the picture is as clear as if you were seeing the product in-person. It is a much more cost effective way to showcase and sell our products and has really helped to accelerate decision-making,” said Hodgson.

It has also gone a long way in improving employee relations, as communication is more personable.  “Before video, the bulk of our interactions were over the phone, which lacked the subtleties that face-to-face communication allows. With video, we can all see each other as clearly as if we were in the same room, which has created more productive working relationships and increased staff satisfaction.”

The Exego Group also plans to roll out video conferencing units across its Repco stores – particularly in rural areas – for internal communications with customers and suppliers, and for large enterprise customers to be able speak with product specialists located in the support offices.

Leveraging Polycom Professional Services

The decision to deploy Polycom’s visual communications solutions was one based on a long heritage in delivering high-quality, easy-to-use video products that deliver the fastest return on investment for the lowest total cost of ownership and the best user experience – while also reducing bandwidth costs and freeing up resources so companies can do more with less.

“Polycom’s solutions are best-in-class,” said Hodgson. “We knew instantly that we were getting a quality product and superior protection for the life of our investment,” he added.

With an intelligent core from Polycom at the heart of its deployment – providing a secure and reliable communications infrastructure – the Exego Group can now connect more people, in the highest quality, at the lowest cost across the organisation for true B2B communication. The company also engages Polycom Professional Services for additional support where needed.

“Polycom Professional Services has been an invaluable resource to us. They know what they are doing, are extremely proficient and care about the result,” said Hodgson.

Next Steps

Going forward, the company plans to expand its video conferencing network to better communicate with customers and suppliers and is currently investigating a unified communications strategy.

“Video has come a long way, and we plan to leverage the technology to the best of our ability to achieve greater efficiencies,” said Hodgson.

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“As our video conferencing needs grew, we began to look at it not only from a cost perspective, but a lifestyle one. Instead of getting up at 4am to catch a 6am plane, you just pop into the office and video conference. It has a lot of benefits and is a much smarter and more effective way to do business.”

Alan Hodgson
Telephony Manager, Exego Group