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  • Seamless communication during and after expansion
  • Reduced IT phone support requirements
  • More productive visual conversations
  • Enhanced client service
  • Reduced telecom costs


Cloud-based Polycom Voice and Video Conferencing Energizes Growth for Dominion Investment Group

Polycom cloud-based video conferencing flexibility opens opportunities for developing and maintaining client relations at great distances.


The Dominion Group of Companies offers clients a wide range of professional services, including investment advising, trust services, wealth management, and insurance. Based in Virginia Beach, Virginia, the company has three main offices as well as independent affiliate offices in multiple locations throughout the United States. Dominion is a small but growing company, currently employing 40 people.

A recent opportunity for expansion of the trust side of the business required Dominion to branch out from its Virginia Beach headquarters, opening an office in Florida and relocating one of the firm’s principals to that location. A top priority during that transition was maintaining effective communication, despite the distance, to limit any disruption to existing client services and workflows.

It became clear that the company’s voice-only phone system would not adequately support the collaboration needs of a rapidly expanding company. This led Dominion to implement a cloud-based unified communications solution. The flexibility of this cloud-based system, provided by hosted VoIP PBX leader Simple Signal and built using best-in-class Polycom endpoints, has allowed Dominion to expand its market, maintain its excellent client service and cut its telecom costs.

Moving to the Cloud

“We had a great opportunity to take over an existing trust operation in Florida, but we knew that we had to find a solution that would make communication between the main Virginia office and the Florida office seamless,” explains Stuart Nesbit, operations manager for the Dominion Investment Group, LLC. “We initially thought traditional video conferencing was too complex, but today our three major offices are all connected with a Polycom/Simple Signal solution that is extremely easy to use.”  

Dominion deployed a cloud-hosted PBX from Simple Signal that includes Polycom VVX 1500 business media phones that combine advanced telephony, one-touch video, and integrated business applications for a seamless, lifelike experience. The VVX 1500 phones have bridged the gap among the Virginia and Florida offices by enabling video conferencing. The combination of Polycom phones and a BroadSoft BroadWorks® Platform makes initiating a video call as simple as dialing a colleague’s four-digit extension. There are no complicated IP addresses awkward dialing patterns.

“Part of the challenge when you have multiple office locations is missing important visual cues when you’re communicating over the phone instead of in person,” says Nesbit. “With the Polycom VVX business media phone, I can simply dial the four-digit extension of our Managing Partner in Florida and see him face to face. The VVX solution has made life easier for us by making it feel like we’re all in the same office.”

A Solid Solution

Dominion has been impressed with the products and services provided by Simple Signal. “The initial installation went smoothly, Simple Signal worked very well with our internal IT person, and the technical support has been fantastic,” Nesbit recounts.

Michael Sterl, vice president of Simple Signal, describes the advantages of a cloud-based solution, particularly for small businesses like Dominion. “This solution allows Dominion to focus on its core competencies because the ongoing maintenance is minimal and doesn’t require someone internally to manage it. It is also a solution that will scale with them as the company grows.”

Nesbit reports that the Polycom VVX 1500 phones are easy to use and describes the sound quality enabled by Polycom HD Voice technology as “amazing.” Nesbit also appreciates that call recording is integrated into the phone system, instead of being purchased from a third party.

Improved Communication

Nesbit highly recommends a cloud-based unified communications solution. “For small businesses, flexibility is key. I can easily add phone numbers whenever I need them, and when I’m working from home, I am connected to the network and instantly video enabled. And from a client perspective, it’s seamless. They can call the Virginia Beach office and be transferred to the Florida office, no need to dial a number in Florida.”

“The VVX 1500 solutions have allowed us to continue our personal client relationships despite having staff in remote locations,” says Nesbit. “Our Managing Partner in the Florida office uses our “virtual meeting rooms” to maintain his client relationships. His Virginia-based clients simply come into the Virginia Beach office and connect with him over video.” 

The Polycom – Simple Signal cloud solution is also saving money for Dominion. Monthly phone service costs have been reduced and it has made the frequent seminars the company holds more economical. No matter where the company is
holding a seminar, Nesbit can easily provide a local phone number for participants who are joining the audio conference.

Future Plans

Nesbit sees adding more Polycom VVX 1500 solutions to the network and he encourages all of the company’s independent affiliate offices to pursue cloud-based unified communications.

“It’s been a wonderful system. I never knew it would be as simple as dialing someone’s telephone number to communicate with them over video. We wanted seamless communication no matter where we were and we achieved that,” Nesbit concludes.

About Polycom

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