Arbitration Courts of Russian Federation

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The largest Polycom and Microsoft® deployment in Russia is designed by CROC for the Arbitration Courts of the Russian Federation

The Supreme Arbitration court of the Russian Federation is the state authority heading one of the main branches of the judicial power in the country: the system of arbitration courts. One of the most important activities of the Moscow-based Supreme Arbitration court is to ensure all 113 arbitration courts uniformly understand and apply legislation regarding asset ownership and commercial disputes between companies.

Already an invested Polycom video user, the next step in their Unified Communications strategy was to create a communications network for the employees, to continue to improve efficiency of operations and reduce costs of telephone communications between judicial bodies in different regions of the country. For the Arbitration Court, CROC, the leading Russian systems integration service provider, designed and installed the largest voice project in Russia: 6500 Microsoft® Lync® licenses and 6500 Polycom CX phones.

The flexibility of the solution enables employees of the Russian Federation arbitration courts to collaborate via voice, video and instant chat. Content can be shared at the click of a button. These tools deliver great time savings for communications with colleagues (including those from different regions) thanks to the availability of a unified electronic phone number directory. With easy access to the directory which lists the person’s name, job title and photo, the Polycom CX phone display makes communications even easier and more personal.

The deployed private telephone network allows for reduction of expenses on local and intercity communications between arbitration courts, lease of numbering capacity and phone communication channels.

Igor Solovyov, Head of IT and Communications Office, the Supreme Arbitration Court of the Russian Federation confirms: "The Supreme Arbitration Court of the Russian Federation and all arbitration courts now have easy-to-use and reliable tools for employee communications both within one court and between judicial bodies in different regions. I’d like to emphasize that our employees can no longer imagine using a phone without 'Click to Call' functionality. The project also helped to significantly reduce long-distance call expenses, with some locations showing up to 30% budget savings."

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